Poisoned Chalice.

 I promised myself never again will I be engulfed by false proclamations of affection and passion so no, you cannot come here with your beguiling words in an attempt to make me yours once again.

…Lord knows back then I would have fallen at your feet in order to hear these words from you , you gambled with my heart & had me consumed by your emptiness, your selfishness — your ability to emotionally manipulate & elude.
I was yours but you were not mine, daily you fed me a specious appearance of infinite love. 

Therefore no, you do not get to come back into my life & proclaim your love, you do not get to claim me as yours to have & hold, you don’t get to seep your way into my heart and reignite my love for you & convince me that you are the one who got away. Last time was the last time & never again will I allow you the satisfaction… 

Whether or not he loves me does not matter, what matters is that you were once in his position, I was yours to have & you did nothing but rip me apart & leave me to heal on my own— it was then that the thought of who you were was replaced by the disappointing reality of who you truly are, I offered you refuge and in return I received ingratitude. 

I never asked much of you– all I ever needed was consistency, some sort of reassurance and that you nurtured my sometimes fragile heart but not even that you could do…

Your love was a fallacy, it was a selfish kind of love… with it I honestly learnt what it means to be taken for granted but now I am whole. 


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