Veni vidi vici. 

You know what’s the most frustrating thing about losing someone? To me…

It’s not the memories you left with, or the feeling of hopelessness, neither the absence you’re faced with daily- hourly or every single fucking second, nor the emptiness. 

It’s the plans, how all of a sudden you’re just left with these– all these goddam wistful plans that’ll result in nothing. 

Plans you one day made together become mere thoughts in your head– a part of your imagination that no one will ever come to know, but you. How all of a sudden “one days” become “what ifs.” 

How life for everyone else continues and yours just pauses… it stops & for long while you left feeling heartsore, purposeless– helpless. 

& while everyone continues with their lives you fixed being bitter & angry because  they’re able to do just that– ‘continue’ while everything in your life disintegrates time & time again. & how every single time you can do absolutely nothing about it, not a fucking thing but plan on- figure out how you’re going to crawl your way out of yet another tragedy in this shitty thing  I- we have come to know as Life. 

F*cked up isn’t it?


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