“Question is, can you forgive me baby. Can you forgive me for the way I love you? I love you from a distance. I love you, so persistent.”

-Tory Lanez

Fact is- this is all new to me. 
This vibe we got going on? I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m not going to act all nonchalant about it like I’m okay with this & I don’t think about it. 

Like all this doesn’t frighten me a little, like the feeling of needing someone is okay with me because honestly speaking I’ve never really needed anyone but myself, I’ve never come to need someone as much as I need you. 

I’m learning to deal with the emotions & come to terms with the given facts, it’s not easy, especially for me. 

You know It’s kinda hard to be consistent when you constantly doing everything by yourself with no assistance but between you & I , I’m kinda digging the feeling of having someone in corner, someone besides myself. 

Be what it may be, I’m down for the cause. I’m down for you. 


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