You f*cked up. 

How did we get here? Where did it go so wrong? I don’t even know. 

Really I was ok with what we had- you got me, I got you & that’s all that we needed but you felt the urge to over think & do everything, so now how do you expect me to react to this? 

This silence, that makes so much noise in the background. The hostility & indifference… nothing is the same, not anymore.

And the worst part of it is that I didn’t even ask for any of this. I wanted no part in it, I stuck to the script but it is you who came along & started making promises, changing the the plot, making plans for the future; how could you be so selfish?

You should have known better, look at us now? You ruined us. 

So now tell me something real quick- how do you expect me to not hold all this shit against you? 


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