“I want every single piece of you. I want your heaven and your ocean’s too. Treat me soft but touch me cool. I wanna teach you things you never knew, baby bring the floor up to my knees. Let me fall into your gravity and kiss me back to life to see your body standing over me. ”

– Adele. 

Take over every single bit of me, let me indulge in your body. 

Give yourself to me , entirely. Let yourself belong to me, & I to you. 

This is so much more than we expected, than I ever imagined, slowly you took over me. 

You seeped into my life, my thoughts, i told you things I’ve never told a soul, I’m gone. Gone with you. 

I’m in awe, deeply,  profoundly. Enchanted. 

We’ve got so much to offer, complicity & intimacy… miles between us, connected yet distant: we’re oceans apart.

My parents warned me about about the drugs on the street, but never about the ones with big brown eyes and a heartbeat.

Cautiously, unwillingly I’ve fallen for you.

Falling… It is often accompanied by sequelae. 

“In your heart I bring my soul but be delicate with my ego. I wanna step into your great unknown with you and me setting the tone…”


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