Soul Cry. 

” My mother was my first country, the first place I ever lived. ” 
– Nayyirah Waheed.

I miss you, but what good is this longing when it will never bring you back to me & allow me the pleasure of feeling again. 

Oh Mother, how I wish by the slightest chance, a delightful mistake God made you eternal. 

They say never make homes out of people but you were my home, my religion, my sanctuary. Everything I ever lived for, everything I ever knew. I yearn for your touch , for your love…

If ever we meet again in the occasional overwhelming heartwarming dreams I would like to tell you that since you left us I have scars that cover me from top to toe, skin to bone deep, completely dissolved in my in tainted blood full of tragedies & black-holes.

 I would tell you that these bags under my eyes will not go away because no matter how much I rest, my soul is tired, I would tell you of how I need you to exhaust this darkness within me because I know, i know that there is still light somewhere in here. I just need you here with me again. 

For now…this is all I have left, consequences of death. 

But thankfully nothing is eternal, not even life & at the end of this cosmic journey we all shall depart, unfortunately some earlier than others. 


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