“I only ask this of you- should you ever leave, please don’t forget to place two things at my door- my heart & my secrets.”

– Reneé Arnaud. 

It’s so easy for you to shift the blame, we all have our versions of events. 

We could go on about this for hours, but I’m far too gone now, there’s no coming back to you, to us. We are so far gone…

We lost it, amidst the silence, pride, the hubris, amidst your lack of concern & my resentment we lost something so precious. Years of benign memories & complicity. 

You refused to acknowledge your mistakes, your neglect & now look at us? Look what we have become, nothing but distant strangers. 

Once upon a time you were my friend, my go to, my safe house. Now? Now, we look up at the same stars and see such different things. I barely know you , we went from lovers to somebodies and later nobodies. 

When & if they ask me about you all that will be left is bitter sweet memories & antagonism. 

It’s a shame. Because looking back it this could of been fixed, or maybe I’m just being a little too hopeful. 

What ever happened to forever & always? If only… 

I guess this is goodbye, see you on the flip side homie. 


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