The life of a Libra. 


It frightens her, she has a fear of the unknown. She lives in hopes that everything will one day be alright…that the pieces of this long and difficult puzzle will one day be completed and then everything will fall clearly into place. 

She fears mediocrity, the feeling of settling for less than you deserve of only ever being ‘enough’ but she also fears never being ‘enough’. enough for someone , for herself.

She longs …longs to be loved, longs to love the same man over and over again. A fairytale kind of love, but she doesn’t believe in fairytales- she knows better.  

She wants to belong…belong to someone , somewhere , something but she wants to live freely. No obligations , no restrictions ,no settlements. 

She craves space, to charge her batteries. Living can be so exhausting people love to take but barely know how to give. She’s a happy loner only bc the world is saturated with the constant urge to fit in. 

She’s a paradox in herself you see? 

“She is faithful but yet detached, she is committed but yet relaxed, she loves everyone but yet no one, she is gentle & yet tough. “- Unknown. 

Often caught between a strong mind & fragile heart. 

She is predictable in her unpredictability. 


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