“And I thought about you today

And I thought about the things you used to say

And I thought about the things we did.” 

 I could overdose on you but we both know how that would end so I thought about the promises we made & the moments we shared.  

I thought about the good… the bad, i thought about it all & realized that even after all this time, after all that has happened and made me grow I’m still stuck on you…

all I ever wanted was you

all i ever needed was you

all i ever think about is you

Sometimes i wonder how things would of turned out if we turned out… If you didn’t ruin it all for us & if I didn’t let my pride get in the way. 

I wonder if you wonder, about me , about us & where i am & if i have someone & if that thought bothers you and makes your tummy turn like it does mine…

I wondered about where we’d be if we were still “we” & how it’d play out if we were still “us”. 
I wondered why, and how but I realized it was what & who. 

The fact is there was never a “we” or an “us” it was all in my head & you let that happen so now here I am wondering & asking questions to which i know the answers to… 

Why? Well because for a moment, a hopeful naïve moment I really believed. 

I genuinely thought we could be something. 

Silly me.

So If ever our paths crossed again, I’d tell you I’m good & that life is great but we all know i have a bad habit of living in denial but then again somebody once told me that Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists that things were better than they seemed…

But what do I know? I’m just living in the hopes that , that somebody was right. 


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