21 Questions.

What if things were different? 

What if we could change the past and make of it what we wanted…what we want. 

What if they told you that I’m here, that I haven’t changed. 

That time hasn’t taken its course and made us different people, on different pages of life, different strokes. 

What if you happened to see me on the streets, alone. Would you come sit with me and ask me how life is going? If I’m happy…

What if i called, would you answer? Would you let me into your space? 

What if I told you that we had more time, would you consider your past decisions?

Would you make things right?

What if someone said to you that I’m leaving, never to return again…would that change your mind? 

Would you say the things you never said to me? Or would you let me go…?

Would you hold me in your arms and promise me forever although deep down we know that there is no such thing. 

I want to know, i want to know that all was not in vain. I want to know that for some unknown reason when you chose me over them you were being real. 

I want to believe, believe in you. 

So tell me, what if I stayed? 


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