Its only when you lose someone that you realize how strong you can be. You cry yourself to sleep countless times, you learn to cry so silently you wonder if it qualifies as crying at all. 

You learn to survive on minimal hours of sleep, but most of all…you learn to pretend. Pretend though as if you’re ok, that you’re not about to breakdown from the weight thrown upon on your shoulders. 

Living can be exhausting, painful. 
Sometimes it seems though as if life keeps giving you more reasons to give up than the ones to keep fighting. But the thing about life is: it gives you the privilege of Time. 

So here I am. Here we are…& that must tell you something. 

People like you and I rise above, it’s what we do. It’s who we are now, we’re strong… We cry when we have to bc we only human. we feel when life requires us to feel, I take pride in my pain bc I’m stronger than those who have none and why shouldn’t you? 

Don’t be fooled, you see..what you have is what many aspire to attain, it is what we call Strength. 

It wasn’t your choice, it was thrust upon you…upon us, and now we forced to work with the scraps we’re given because thats what strong people do. They persevere. 

So be hopeful, cry when you need to, take your stand…just don’t ever give up on me. Not now, we’ve come too far now. 

-TM 👑


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