I’m Walking Away.


 I really can’t do this with you right now, or anymore as a matter of fact, I cannot.

I can not be there for you no longer, I can’t keep nagging you for your time and attention though as if your time is any more important than mine…

I cannot keep trying to keep this relationship together, it’s fallen apart and I’ve come to terms with that. Fortunately. So what will happen now is: I shall move on, keep living with or without you for my existence does not depend solely or even merely on you. 

Seems though as if time has taken it’s course and we have drifted apart , seeing eye to eye has become difficult for us…maybe we’ve grown up , or maybe your lack of effort has finally made me realize that i do not need this, I do not deserve this! For i am a good person, I’m good people!

Nevertheless I wish you luck on your chosen path or whatever , may it bring infinite bliss & i hope it is everything you ever hoped for too.

It happens to be that history tends to repeat itself you see? Between you & I, I’m no longer willing to be here for that scene, that pathetic cycle…I’m no longer going to linger around here waiting for you to notice me, appreciate me or even thank me for everything I have ever done for you.

It’s about cultivating my inner circle and loving myself enough to realize when someone is treating me wrong. 
I sincerely apologize if I hurt you, it was either you or myself…and for once I was selfish. But you would understand that wouldn’t you? After so long I seem to be speaking your language now…

Ironic isn’t it?


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