I’ve Forgiven you…

For when you promised me forever and you left.

For when I needed you but you weren’t there.

For those times where i texted you and you felt no obligation to reply.

For when i waited for you time in, and time out.

For the times i didn’t get an apology.

For when you happened to always be too busy to see me during my free hours.

For when you belittled my feelings.

For when you almost convinced me that maybe i was in the wrong, that maybe being like all the other girls was the way.

For when you almost made me believe that, that was it, perhaps that was love.

For when you lied to me that you loved me, bc that wasn’t love.

Love isn’t supposed to hurt, or belittle you, love?! Love won’t try to change you, manipulate you , play silly mind games. Or even tame you.

I must admit I resented you for making me feel that way. I was angry and that was my way of defending myself, of facing the whirlwind. I always thought that if I forgive…that would somehow make it seem like the hurt you caused was ok. And it is ok, because people hurt and I’m only human.

In life we learn to live with apologies we did not receive nevertheless I need you to know that I forgive you.

For it is my turn to let go now…


3 thoughts on “Closure.

  1. yessss yesss yessss and it take a strong person to forgive someone who hasn’t even apologized … definitely going to print this out and hang it on my wall thanks for this awesome read.


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